Tudor Kings & Queens (1485 - 1603)

The Tudor Dynasty began as a result of a military victory.  Henry VII had not been born to the crown, and had instead won it in battle by defeating Richard III, thus silencing the House of York.  Few believed at the time he could hold the throne.  For one thing, it was an age when usurpation had become the rule rather then exception.  Who was to say that Henry VII might not lose his crown the way he gained it?  For another, Henry VII's blood was barely blue, being five generations removed from King Edward III.  Be it as it may, Henry VII would prove the doubters wrong and be the first in a distinguished line of Tudor Monarchs.  His son Henry VIII and Granddaughter Elizabeth I are undeniably two of Britain's greatest sovereigns. (Above details from the book "The Royals: The Lives & Loves of the British Monarchs" by Leslie Carroll)

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Henry VII (1485-1509)

King Henry VII

Henry VII Signature

Burial Site of Henry VII & Elizabeth of York

King Henry VIII

Henry VIII Signature

Burial Site of Henry VIII & Jane Seymour (his 3rd wife)

King Edward VI

Edward VI Signature

Edward VI Burial Site

Queen Jane Grey (Lady Jane Grey, 9 day Queen)

Lady Jane Grey Signature

Lady Jane Grey Burial Site

Queen Mary I

Mary I Signature

Burial Site of Mary I along side her Sister Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I Signature

Elizabeth I Burial Site aside her Sister Mary I


tudorcrazy said...

very pretty but you forgot a major one. Marie R

tudorcrazy said...

Also King James I, which united the countries.

Anthony Paradiso said...

Who is Marie R? I was trying to look it up but could not find it. Please elaborate.

Yes, King James I of England did align England w/ Scotland. Probably, the reason why Robert Cecil wanted him to be King, plus having noble blood was important.

tudorcrazy said...

Marie R is Mary Queen of Scots! R means Regina which is QUEEN. She was a Queen, but she was Henry the 8th's niece (a Tudor), and Queen of Scotland and France. She was also married to Henry Darnley who was also a Tudor.
Look at Elizabeth's signature, she also signs Elizabeth R!

tudorcrazy said...

I just found a portrait if King Edward, again with the R.. in his cases R means Rex, or R means Roi French meaning king, See my website for portrait

Anthony Paradiso said...

I know what the R is. I just never Mary, Queen of Scots use it. I know Elizabeth did all the time. Thanks for the info!

TudorQueen6 said...

Actually, Mary of Scots and Lord Darnley were not Tudors. They descended from a Tudor King and Princess, but once they or their mother married into the Scottish monarchy and nobility they were no longer considered "Tudors." Mary was a Stuart or Stewart and Darnley was as well.

Anthony Paradiso said...

Thank you for the comment. I think there is some confusion. The above is Queen Mary I Tudor. The picture above is not MQOS. If you were addressing the blog before, that was a discussion with another follower, nothing addressing that MQOS was a Tudor. Hope that clarifies things.

Anonymous said...

wow this is so cooooolll


Justin L. Brown said...

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