Saturday, March 24, 2012

409 Years ago Elizabeth I passed...

On 3/24/1603, Queen Elizabeth I passed away.  My passion for the Tudors runs deep within my veins and it all started with Elizabeth I.  2012 marks Elizabeth's 409th anniversary since her death. This weekend, I am dedicating this Site, as well as my FB page & Twitter page to Elizabeth I.  Long live the Queen. RIP Elizabeth I.

Below are quotes, pictures, movie/documentary captions, etc. in Honor of Queen Elizabeth I... 

"Though after my death you may have many stepdames, yet shall you never have a more natural mother unto you all." (Elizabeth I)



Around 1575

Around 1585


Around 1592

Around 1600

Elizabeth I (HBO) Helen Mirren as Elizabeth I - Last Scene 
Elizabeth R (BBC) Glenda Jackson as Elizabeth I - Last Scene 
The Virgin Queen (BBC) Anne-Marie Duff as Elizabeth I - Last Scene
Elizabeth I Documentary Narrated by David Starkey - Final Part of Documentary 
Elizabeth I Golden Speech to Parliament in 1601 (this is interesting to say the least)

Elizabeth I Signature 

Elizabeth I - Burial at Westminster Abbey 
"You may have many a wiser prince sitting in this seat, but you never have had, or shall have, any who loves you better." (Elizabeth I)

*Other links that might be of interest to you about Elizabeth I


Maureen Payne said...

I have to say Elizabeth's young portrait, her coronation portrait, and rainbow portait are my favorites. Thank you for the links to Elizabethan theater and movie portrayals. .
What do you think of the irony that Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots crypts are next to one another? Two women who were queens, cousins, and rivals for the same throne. One a queen more than woman and one more womanly mother than queen, two women who never met but caused each other such trials in life due to politcial gain, its just a strange twist of fate.

Though Eliza

Anthony Paradiso said...

Maureen (Mairin),
My pleasure to share the links and movie portrayals. Just a minor correction, Elizabeth is buried right next to her Half Sister Mary Tudor, who was Queen for about 5 years. Unless, I misunderstood your comment. Either way, it's a strange twist of fate as Mary Tudor (her half sister) almost had Elizabeth executed while Mary was Queen.