Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mary, Queen of Scots & Elizabeth's feelings about her

On February 8, 1587 - Mary, Queen of Scots was executed       (For further info about Mary, Queen of Scots, click here)

Video: Life & Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots

What do you think Elizabeth's real feelings were towards Mary,Queen of Scots (Question was from one of my Facebook followers)  
One never knows the real feelings of someone, especially from centuries ago, nonetheless a Queen/King; especially Elizabeth I. However, based on my knowledge with watching documentaries, Tudor Movies, books, etc.; I believe that Elizabeth had a mixture of feelings toward her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots (MQOS). 
Feelings such as: caring, jealous, fear, ignorant, pitied & most of all - undecided. 
Elizabeth cared for MQOS, naturally because they were cousins and that MQOS was an anointed Queen, as she had royal blood. 
Elizabeth, never stated so, but she was jealous of MQOS. She was jealous of MQOS for 2 main reasons: she married the man she loved & had a son. 
Elizabeth feared MQOS because she was the Catholic hero. Those individuals and nations that were against the Protestant England wanted a Catholic ruler of England; that individual was MQOS. The most powerful nation that believed in the Catholic cause and wanted MQOS to rule over England was Spain. If MQOS was executed, more then likely, Spain would attach England. 
MQOS was ignorant because she was under house watch in England for years and she would pass coded messages to her followers. Eventually, one of those messages gave the order to have Elizabeth murdered. Surely, MQOS knew that Elizabeth’s counsel was watching her everyday moves. 
Elizabeth pitied MQOS because she had to leave Scotland when her Son was born and the only place that she could think of safety, was England. She was under house watch in England for about 20 years. In addition, Mary’s Son was King of Scotland and practically did nothing for his Mother. 
Elizabeth was undecided because she wasn’t sure if MQOS should be executed for treason. Yes, MQOS was found guilty for high treason; but should an anointed Queen be executed. Elizabeth could not figure this out. She signed for the execution of MQOS but then ordered it not to be delivered to her Privy Counsel. Elizabeth did not want her cousin’s blood blamed on her, so in her belief, MQOS was the council’s blood, not Elizabeth’s.
A very tragic story, for both MQOS & Elizabeth.


tudorcrazy said...

As usual I must chide you Anthony. I do think that QE1 was very jealous of Marie, but not for the reasons you state. She certainly was jealous of her son, but she was the one who sent Darnley to Scotland knowing what a cad a degenerate he was.I suspect she had a hand in his murder, as she had many of the Lairds on her payroll. She put Mary on trial in England for this murder with no lawyer and furnishing evidence through the casket letters that her people forged. She made Mary suffer needlessly, when she could of returned her to France where she was still a dowager Queen with lands and money. She usurped her son James at an early age, educating him into a strict puritanical religion, and cut off all contact between Mother and son. She then bribed him and convinced him to forgive the fact that she murdered his Mother in cold blood. I think E was terrified of Mary from the get go. She was the darling of France, beautiful charming, and backed by a strong dynasty of Catholic European leaders.Half of England particularly in the north was still Catholic, and so she must bring a protestant heir to the throne. Mary had a much stronger claim to the English throne than she did. She was fulfilling the rightful heir to the throne's son because he was Protestant. Through her action she did achieve her goal... to make England Protestant till the end of time. And it still is today, as no Catholic shall be allowed to reign in England. Elizabeth was a very singleminded successful woman when it came ti intrigue, getting her way, paying off people and entrapping a woman who held absolutely no animosity towards her. She is like the thief that only feels guilty when their caught.

rosalina said...

Couldn't put it better myself - Elizabeth's actions say it all. She also treated her cousin's, Lady jane Grey's sister extremely harshly when they wed without her permission, but she really did fear Mary and she was set up by Elizabeth's puritan ministers who hated Mary and did not rest until she was put to death as they could not risk having a catholic Mary inherit the throne!!!