Friday, July 6, 2012

Update as of 7/6/12

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a while since I posted on the site but I have been keeping the site up to date as best as possible.  Summer time has kept me extremely busy!  I have an idea of a next post, but am not sure when it will be posted.  Currently, there are a lot of posts, so feel free to check them out.  
As most know, I have a Tudor Facebook, which is updated often, feel free to check it out: (AKA "The Tudor Dynasty").

Exciting News:
This page currently has over 15,000 page-views nationwide as of 6/2012 and have 40 strong followers. In addition, my Tudor Facebook page has 834 likes. It hit the 800 milestone in 6/12.  Thank you all for your support! 

Side Note: My 5 month old puppy (a puggle), Lizzie
I named her Lizzie after Queen Elizabeth I