Sunday, January 15, 2012

‎1/15/1559 - Elizabeth I crowned Queen of England

Elizabeth I crowned Queen of England
Today is a Glorious day as Elizabeth I was officially crowned Queen of England.  Elizabeth I is one of the few individuals that I admire most.  I admire her:
Sense of humor
....The list can go on....(if you can describe more words, please share)

Of course, she as an individual had her faults, as I do and we all do.
My admiration for the Queen is deeply personal.  I have admired Elizabeth I for many years and my "passion" for the Tudor Family, especially Elizabeth I has recently been discovered.   My love and admiration for her goes deep.  I, personally, see myself in her [But, I will not get into that now as this is about Elizabeth and not me, that is meant for another blog].

The hills she had to climb just to survive before being Queen are extraordinary.  When she became Queen she inherited a nation that was practically nothing on the globe and throughout her realm she turned England into a strong, thriving, respected, and powerful nation.  The most thrilling fact is that she did this without a single husband and an heir to the thrown.  Elizabeth I was, after all, married to England.  I admire and respect this woman SO MUCH! 

Below are some clips of films and a documentary that illustrate Elizabeth's Coronation.  On that note, today is a Proud and Glorious Day!

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